What and Why… That’s It!

Positive Affirmation

What do you want? And more importantly, WHY do you want it?

Think about the key areas of your life right now: health, money, career, relationships, your home life, all of your outer circumstances.

If you could have whatever you want in these areas… and that means absolutely ANYTHING, what would you choose for yourself? Make a list. Don’t get too much into the details, just focus on the broad picture for now.

Then, for every item on your list, ask yourself, “Why do I want this? What will it do for me? Why would this make me feel happier than I do now?”

Write down all of those reasons, and keep writing until you can’t think of anything else.

Now think about those desires again. Do you feel even more excited about them than you did when you started? If not, repeat the above exercise until you feel some inspiration and anticipation flowing!

Focusing on the what and the why of your desires gets so much positive energy flowing and starts attracting such wonderful things into your life.

However, do NOT spend any time at all worrying about the HOW. That’s not up to you. Once you start drawing enough positive energy, the HOW will show up. You’ll just know. You’ll see a great opportunity, or meet a person who can show you the way, or ideas will just spontaneously pop into your mind at the right time. Divine inspiration will follow right along behind all of that powerful creative energy you have generated.

Trust the process and have fun with it!

What do you want, and why do you want it ??

Today’s Positive Affirmation:

I really LOVE the idea of having…


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