Introducing Perfect Keto Singles!


It’s been a year in the making… Perfect Keto Singles are HERE.

If you’ve ever wanted to try Perfect Keto – Singles are for you.
If you already love Perfect Keto but want to try a new product – Singles are for you.
If you’ve ever traveled or tried to be healthy on-the-go… you guessed it… Singles might be for you!

I reached out to founder Dr. Anthony Gustin about just how to use each product… here’s the rundown, right from the founder himself.

“I personally use every product on a daily basis, here’s how to get the most out of each one:

Perfect Keto Base 

What: These are exogenous ketones. Ketones are a non-carb source of energy (a metabolite of fat) and they are fantastic for energizing the body, especially the heart and brain.
When: Just think of this as instant energy (real, usable energy…not a stimulant), and ask yourself – When would I like some extra energy? Could be:

  • To beat the Keto Flu
  • For performance at work or exercising
  • To get back into ketosis after eating an anti-ketogenic meal

How: Just water is great, but get creative too!
Side Notes: Start small (1/4-1/2 scoop) and move up from there.

MCT Oil Powder (unflavored)

Perfect Keto Singles MCT

What: MCT’s are the concentrated healthy fats from coconut oil. They are a much faster source of energy than most fats. They also are fantastic for the brain so many folks take these for a mental boost. Think of these as your fast (and longer lasting than the ketones) boost.
When: Anytime you need energy! Again, think:

  • Morning coffee
  • Pre or post-exercise drinks/smoothies
  • Snack replacement (they’re super satiating)

How: Water or really whatever you’re drinking! It adds a great creaminess to anything. Please try these in some baking recipes, too. Holy cow.

Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder 

Perfect Keto Matcha
What: The same pure MCT oil powder + ceremonial grade matcha tea. This will provide the same benefits as above, plus a little caffeine and the amazing flavor and antioxidant power of matcha.
When: I literally drink this constantly.
How: Oh boy, another toughie. Iced water or hot water is great, same with nut milks, and check out these matcha cookies!

Keto Collagen 
Perfect Keto Collage Choco

What: This is collagen protein paired with 5g of MCTs. The collagen is phenomenal for recovery of soft tissues, skin, nail, gut lining, etc. It’s a moderate dose of protein and mixed with MCT fats to blunt insulin.
When: I take this sometimes before exercise and sometimes after (depends on my hunger level). I also add it to my coffees and world-famous smoothies.
How: Please get more creative than I do. Keto Collagen tastes incredible and it’d be a shame to waste it! Healthy desserts and baking options galore with this one 🙂

Thanks! I hope these are awesome for you.”

– Dr. Anthony Gustin

There you have it y’all.  Couldn’t have said it better.

Singles are available now until supplies run out. Do yourself a favor and grab yours HERE. I’m literally picking up mine now.

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