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Lori CProduct: CBD Natural Flavor Pet Drops - 250 mg
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My German Shepherd is almost 10. He jumped out a window twice after a squirrel with a 10 ft. Drop and damaged his hips. For 2 yrs he has hopped with his back legs together. I put a couple drops of CBD oil on his food and this video was taken 2 hours later. I’m absolutely amazed at his ability to run and use his legs!!!
Katty DProduct: Lash and Brow Growth Serum
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Amazed! My eyebrows were disappearing. I looked like I had only half eyebrows. After using this eyebrow/eyelash growth serum for about 4 weeks, my eyebrows are reappearing. No more eyebrow pencil. Could not be happier.
Taryn FProduct: Sleep Support Spray
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I’ve taken melatonin off and on for a few years. When I lie down to go to sleep at night that’s when my brain races with my “to do list”. Melatonin helped sometimes. I started the sleep spray over a week ago. I’ve been trying to use it every couple of nights to see. Let me just say 2 sprays in the mouth and about 30 min later my eyes get really heavy! I will say it does take about 30-45 min to kick in with me, but when it does you know it! Plus I’m sleeping good. I also take the CBD oil during the day so the 2 could be working together!