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CBD oil is an extract made from cannabidiol that’s found in the cannabis sativa plant. This isn’t chemical compound or cannabinoid that makes people high when they smoke marijuana. Instead, that’s THC, which is a different cannabinoid from CBD oil. CBD won’t get you high, but large amounts of THC can. Go to our online shop for your CTFO CBD Products in Canada.

Some are concerned about CBD oil in the form of full spectrum CBD, because this form contains small amounts of all the other cannabinoids found in cannabis. This means that it contains trace amounts of THC too, but this isn’t actually worrisome. The concentration of THC in full spectrum CBD is only 0.3% and that’s not enough to give anyone a buzz. Contact us for if you have any questions regarding CTFO CBD products in Canada.

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Cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine are the three essential precursors for endogenous glutathione production. Supplementation with NAC, cysteine, and glycine has been shown to increase GSH levels.

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There are a lot of products that promote the relief of pain and inflammation that just don’t work, and the side effects can’t be good for you. At CTFO, we have formulated, tested and launched what we call “Nature’s Miracle”.

CTFO is committed to having the highest quality, lowest priced products on the market. And just as importantly, we vow to always provide the fairest, most lucrative, most unique and powerful business opportunity ever created.