Company overview

Health and wellness is vital to living a long and happy life. That’s why we are focused on delivering high quality and effective solutions to aid the many issues and ailments that people must unfortunately deal with. Whether it be dealing with physical pain and anguish or taking a more therapeutic approach, we work hard to bring solutions that work for you.

Our Mission

Open to Wellness offers superior, quality, innovative and effective wellness solutions. We are passionate and dedicated to bringing awareness and hope to people who are looking for relief.  We believe in natural, safe solutions that will improve the quality of your life. We also provide business opportunities to help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. And sometimes, you need inspiration and motivation to help you on your journey. We provide that too.

Wellness, Wealth & Wisdom…. a holistic approach to a healthy and fulfilled life.

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CTFO is a Well Established Nutritional Company Based in Northern California

My Story

Simone Turner “crushes all obstacles” while she helps people discover wellness solutions. Her work has emerged from a harsh reality and grown into a track record of helping people achieve better health through high quality CBD “products made with organic ingredients.

Normal life during her previous 30 years of work in the corporate world meant coping with fibromyalgia, severe migraines and clinical depression. She relied on prescription medications for temporary relief. And then a car accident happened.

In 2011, her day was going along fine when a driver, who admitted to texting, rear-ended her. Her car was totaled and her health challenges increased.

The accident ultimately turned into a solution for her wellness needs—and gave her a new income stream. But that revelation didn’t happen right away.

After four years, the settlement was much less than what Simone expected. She was a single mom who was living with the pain of a torn rotator cuff, drawing from savings and feeling demoralized.

In 2016, she had to stop working due to chronic pain and inflammation. She couldn’t get disability payments even though she worked in the insurance industry.